All counseling services are designed for children and adults, ranging from ages 5 to 64.

Individual, Family and Group Appointments

A typical individual, family or group session lasts 60 minutes. These sessions are designed to meet specific goals that we will identify together to meet your needs.

Emotional and Behavioral Assessment

This assessment is used to gather symptoms (current as well as historical), environmental factors, developmental milestones and social experiences. In addition to the assessment, a behavioral rating scale is used in order to clinically diagnosis and provide suggestions for treatment that enhance everyday living to decrease symptoms. This service is covered by insurances, please inquire to see if we are in your network.

Behavioral Rating Scales

There are different scales for each possible diagnosis. We are credentialed by Pearson Assessments as a  Clinical Professional, levels B, Q2. This certification level allows for us to purchase, distribute and score behavioral rating scales within my scope of practice. This service is not covered by insurances, please inquire for prices.

TeleMental Health Counseling Services

Currently, We are licensed to provide TeleMental Health Counseling to individuals that live in North Carolina.

thera-LINK: secure online therapy

Please visit to learn more about TeleMental Health Counseling with us and to schedule an appointment.

Consultation Services

We are available for speaking engagements to address small businesses,  corporate businesses as well as professional associations. Consultations usually address topics such as symptoms, self care and the many other aspects of Mental Health and Substance Use in the workplace.


We will soon be eligible to apply for licensure as clinical supervisor (LPCS), more information regarding supervision services will be made available at a later date.

All therapy services are designed for children and adults, ranging from ages 5 to 64.